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What makes traveling with us "unique"

1. Guided mindfulness throughout your trip: Group check-ins, presence practices, and conscious conversations.

2. Photography Included: Receive access to professional photos of your favorite candid moments.

3. Choose to stay longer: We encourage freedom and personal choice. Rely on us to ease you into a new environment, and then put it to practice right away if you wish to extend your trip.

Perfectly designed for couples, and solo or first time travelers

  • Spaces are limited for up to 10 attendees per trip.

• Enjoy Flexibility

  • You choose how long you stay.
  • Guided trips range from 7 to 10 days.

• Must be 18 +

  • Participants usually range from 20-50 years old.
  • Our average participants traveling age is 27 years old.

Destinations Around Central & South America

Immerse yourself in new cultures and discover high vibrational lands in unique towns and cities throughout Mexico, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. Colombia coming soon!

Costa Rica




Whether you like to travel minimally, or go all out, there's an adventure fit for you! Ranging in different locations and comfort levels, every destination could be different. Nonetheless, enjoy smooth sailing through All-Inclusive Stays.

Shared Bedrooms

Private Bedrooms

Rustic Camping


Locally-sourced produce and authentic dishes provided through local or home cooked meals wherever you visit. Expand your palette through breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Full Meals



Local Experiences

We believe one of the most humbling things you can experience is taking off your shoes and stepping into someone else's. Our organized tours, and collaborations give you an inside look into life beyond our bubble.

An opportunity to meet and connect with the locals.


Cultural Tours

Nature Immersed

Lifelong Connections

The truth is, only when we go beyond our comfort zone is when we expand. There are hundreds, even thousands of people in the world that already unconditionally love you, support you, and want to see you thrive! They just don't know you exist yet. All you gotta do is say "Yes" - Get out there.

Connect with other travelers

Meet foreign locals

Make new friends

"All grown-ups were once children... But only few of them remember it"

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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